SSSTaR Initiation

Co-created by:

  • Concept: SSSTaR Initiative: Dawn Cherie, Christopher Fuelling, directors
  • Composer: eO
  • Design: Amanda Stone

The SSSTaR (Sacred Sexual Shamanic Theatre and Ritual) Initiation is a 90min embodied, transformative rite of passage that invites you to discover new aspects, abilities, and archetypes that exist with each of us…and calls out your light to shine forth. This playful process will “make you a ssSTAR” and welcome you to our constellations of conscious cultural evolution, to initatiate new ssSTARs carry your starlight to inspire the world.



The SSSTaR Initiative is developing this “Initiation” as a way to put into action the “Shamanic Cycle of Conscious Cultural Evolution,” specifically by using resonant yet intentional symbolism and ritual structure as well a multi-sensory learning to create visceral experiences of existing, if only temporarily, within a totally different cultural field. In a way that is analogous to, though condensed and intensified, the effect of experiencing different cultures through travel or codeswitching, which has the effect of awakening consciousness of creating not only our own personæ (roles) but even in co-creating new culture itself.

By providing a personal journey that points our attention (mentally and physically) to experiencing ourselves as animals (social primates), through a turn in creatively re-imagined pre-patriarchal gender modalites, to acknowledging our energetic natures that transcend our bodies, we reintegrate you, ultimately, aware and awake to enlarged possibility.

This take place in an immersive experience, both sonically and through rich alternative symbolic cultures that feel both new and strange and yet ancient and familiar, as if something within and between us that has been lost for a long time is suddenly reawakening, and the new dawn of possibility arises before you.

“It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been sleeping…you can always WAKE UP!”     –Rumi

STARS! Beyond its cognative/cognitive resonance with the acronym for our Sacred Sexual Shamanic Theatre and Ritual acronym, “star” energy inspires us…

  • Stars are ancient, predating even our Sun and solar system.
  • Symbolically, the most ancient known fertility goddess, such as Inanna/Ishtar and Astarte, were associated with the morning/evening star (which we now know as Venus), and may symbolize a link to the Paleolithic “Creatrix,” “Venus” archetypes… which predate the Sun and Moon deities that became so dominant during the Neolithic, which still resonate in our cosmology, from Sunday & Monday to the solar masculine and the lunar feminine “essences” that exists in his shadow that constrain our ability to envision alternatives modalities, despite their relative recent arrival with pastoralism five millennia ago.
  • “Stars” today, are recognized as celebrities, mainly in our media/performance world, but also, analogously, in each other’s lives. You know who the stars of your life are… and you are a star in other’s lives as well.
  • As human consciousness proceeds from an individual brain, we are all the “star” of our own lives. Yet a beautiful “meta-awareness” may be awakened by the fact that we now know that each of those “thousand points of light” in the celestial firmament is a massive energy source that is the center of its own system. This shift in perspective (even larger than the heliocentric view of the Earth that the Catholic authorities violently suppressed) allows us to comprehend a Star as BOTH the solitary center of an infinite world AND only one of many distant, inspiring lights… that viewed from a certain perspective (in space… and culturally) can be grouped in an evocatively-named “constellation.”

Indeed, it is a much need wisdom today to be simultaneously aware that our consciousness is BOTH the center our own subjective experience AS WELL AS only one of billions of subjective consciousnesses on this planet, more of which need to become more conscious, compassionate, and connected if we are to survive and thrive as a species.

What “life movie” do you want to star in? Who will write that script? Get it greenlit? Assemble the production team? And get it out there to inspire all those other stars-to-be…

If we are not the change we’ve been waiting for, who is?

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