Lisa Citore

Korazonics co-creator and teacher is a pleasure activist, performance artist, writer, sex educator and healer who has lead sacred sexuality workshops with men and women for fourteen years. She does private intimacy coaching with couples and healing vaginal massage with women.  She wrote, directed, and produced two theater pieces, The Tao of Sex and Bloodlines/Women’s Moon Stories.  Her recent one woman shows, Riding the Dragon and Keep It Wet bring humor and the mystical to a woman’s sexual experience.

In 2015 Lisa gave birth to the Women’s Sexual Mystery School, a year long immersion into the ancient practices and rituals of the temple priestesses, which now has groups in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Boulder. Lisa has studied with top teachers in her field, including Shakti Malan, Michaela Boehm, David Deida and Bodhi Avinasha.  She has acquired extensive knowledge of Goddess practices through her studies with Ariel Spilsbury and the 13 Moon Mystery School. For more information on her work, see

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