Gender Performance Research Lab

How do we socially symbolize gender? How can we deconstruct those symbols?
What is left when we transcend them? What becomes possible?
How can we integrate answers to the above questions into transformative performance?



At the first research lab in Kansas City, help us explore all these questions and more at a unique 5-day, co-created, immersive, research lab in Kansas City in a lovely old mansion. Together we will experiment, live, play, and explore gender through an embodied theatrical lens. Visit our Facebook event page for specific details of our first lab.


Purpose & Nature: primary research on the presentation and performance of gender

Through a series of artistic experiences, each structured within an intentional frame, we will seek to uncover the ties between social performance and gender identity and how it is communicated socially and between individuals. Then, we will discover ways we can highlight, shift, and transcend those ties in through transformative performance.



This Research Lab will be a gathering of Subject/Scientists (everyone assumes both roles). It is organized by Dawson Robert (they/them), Indigo Dawn (they/them), and our host Christopher Fuelling (he/him) of Teatro Korazon and the SSSTaR Initiative. Yet there will not be ONE “teacher;” rather, we celebrate our diverse expertise through a variety of presenters and facilitators. If YOU would like to present an idea or creative exercise, please say so on the intake form.


Who is this FOR?

Performers, reformers, and researchers who share our mission of better understanding how our bodies, minds, and culture interact and harness these insights to manifest paradigm shift through co-creating embodied, transformative experiences.
We especially encourage trans and gender diverse folx, professional/trained performers, and anyone who wants to create a post-patriarchal and gender transcendent world.
Although personal growth and transformation are likely byproducts of this lab, our fundamental aim is the conscious development of artistic practices and structures, which support creative research. This exploration is best suited for those who want to OFFER their experiences and insights to our ongoing primary research.



Christopher will host us at The Historic Rieger Mansion in Kansas City.


Organizer Bios:

Indigo Dawn (they/them) is an impact-oriented love activist who lives and works to create a more humane, sustainable, abundant world ( As program director for Center for a New Culture (, Indigo organizes events that change lives. As a workshop facilitator, Indigo teaches skills and mind-sets for sustainable relationships and communities– including self-awareness, open communication, authentic connection, and healthy boundaries. Their current project is building intentional community in the DC area and Mt. Storm, WV (




Dawson Robert (They/Them) is an activist for love and light in the world. Their passion is to create spaces for anyone and everyone to feel seen, heard, and loved. Their dream is to help create a widespread culture that works for all humans; based in authenticity, personal empowerment, radical acceptance and compassion, informed consent, and touch positivity. And they strive for these goals as facilities manager and presenter for Center for New Culture ( while living and spreading those values wherever they go. As a life and relationship coach they help individuals learn and grow through these values and more. Their current, largest project is building intentional community in the DC area and Mt. Storm, WV (Allegheny Crest Intentional Village).












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