Teatro Korazon is an ensemble of performers, musicians, technicians, activists, visionaries, and academics, many of whom have collaborated before over the last two decades. Together they have co-created a body of work investigating our shared past and futures from a historically informed, politically progressive, and spiritually engaged perspective, culminating in their current new shows and recently created ones that they continue to develop.

If you would like to join our initiative please send bio, URL, and brief statement of what you are interested in to info@teatrokorazon.org


• Christopher Fuelling, executive director

• Lisa Citore, co-creator and co-teacher of Korazonics 

• Jenny Severo, co-director of Second Tuesdays' Salons and KC activities, director of Ecstatic Dance




• Bennett Jones, co-writer/director/star of Film Noir Murder Mystery and contributor/star of The Fore Play and Love Sucks!

• Deborah Hurwitz, co-creator/music supervisor of Cinderfella, music director of Song of Songs, composer of Love Sucks!

• Dezmond Meeks, co-creator, composer, and star of Cinderfellafeatured in Love Sucks!

• Eric Mentzel, co-music director of Misterios Antigos

• Marije Nie, co-creator of the Liturgy of Atlantis and co-director of Misterios Antigos

• Melinda Cary, co-writer/star of Cinderfella, Houdini's Last SeanceSong of Songs, Love Sucks!, and co-director of Mysterios Antigos and The Fore Play

• Michelle Barton, co-writer and star of Song of Songs and The Fore Play

• Miles Jay, co-music director of Song of Songs and music director of Misterios Antigos

• Ross Wright, music director of Houdini's Last Seance and Second Tuesdays' Salons

• Stevie Cruz, co-creator of Second Tuesdays' Salons and KC activities


• Val Vigoda, lyricist of Love Sucks! and contributor and star of Cinderfella and Song of Songs

• Vanessa Paloma, co-creator and star of the Song of Songs



• Adam James a.k.a. Gary Underpants (The Fore Play)

• Lesley Freeman (The Fore Play, Love Sucks!)

• Meghan Rutigliano (The Fore Play, Love Sucks!)

• Milena Govich (Film Noir Murder Mystery)

• Phillip Wainright (Song of Songs,The Fore Play, Love Sucks!)

• Silvie Jensen (Love Sucks!)

• Wade McCollum (Alchemists' Salon)

• Zoltan di Bartolo (The Fore Play)



• Sabrina Kemeny, chair

• Margo Ingham, secretary

• Bruce Whitney, treasurer

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