Sept 16-18: Troubadour Music Festival, Sky Oaks Ranch, LA: Christopher directs ritual actions with featured musicians eO and Alyssa de Caro.

Past Events
2017 Founding of Teatro Korazon
  • MARCH: DENVER: Korazonics Training Intensive: "Manifest Your Avatar
  • APRIL: LUCIDITY festival (near SANTA BARBARA) Korazonics "Manifest Your Avatar" Intro and The Fore Play
  • APRIL: SANTA BARBARA @ Fishbon: Korazonics Training Intensive: "Manifest Your Avatar"
  • JULY: AGUEDA, PORTUGAL: Agit Agueda Festival: Mystérios Antigos Teatro Korazon leads audiences into our shared Eurasian spiritual heritage in a walled garden in Portugal.
  • JULY: AVEIRO, PORTUGAL: Mura: Teatro Korazon artists perform in Grotest Maru's giant city spectacle
  • AUGUST; DENVER: Korazonics & A.S.K.(Advanced Sexy Korazonics)
  • SEPTEMBER: BURNING MAN @ ATTOL: The Fore Play at The Orgy Dome
2018: Moved Teatro Korazon's HQ to Kansas City 
  • JANUARY: KANSAS CITY: Korazonics
  • JULY: PORTLAND: Korazonics sample at Sex Postive Worldwide's Summer Camp
  • SEPTEMBER: LOS ANGELES: Play Your Desire for Sex Positive LA
  • OCTOBER: KELOWNA, BC: ISTA Level 1: Play Your Desire
2019: Founding of SSSTaR Initiative

2020: Covid

: all in person events cancelled for Covid. Teatro Korazon and SSSTaR created the online Astral Portal and produced several events there as well as were featured in several online interactive experiences

2021: Founding of Kedesha Korazon

  • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER: KC: Authentic Relating series of events co-lead by Melanie Curtin and Christopher for KC Korazon
  • OCTOBER: KC: The Voice of My Beloved, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception: Christopher directs concert of Song of Songs music of the Catholic Reformation.
  • NOVEMBER: KC: First Kedesha Temple: Prototype for immersive ritual theater "Hero's Journey"


  • MAY: DENVER: A Midsummer Temple Dream. Immersive ritual theater "Hero's Journey"

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