Jan 7-16: Hawaii: Christopher teaches at New Culture Winter Camp 

Feb 1-5: Hawaii: Christopher, Leslie Harlib, and Shezza Walters debut new Fore Play at Hawaii Tantra Festival

March 1-5: Kansas City: Gender Performance & Transcendence Research Lab 

March 27-29: Vancouver: SSSTaR Worskhop 

April 15-19: Arizona: SSSTaR at ISTA Festival

May 22-25: Chicago: Christopher, eO, and Shezza at ISTA Tribal Tune-Up

May 26: Montreal: SSSTaR Teaser Evening

May 29-31: Montreal: SSSTaR Workshop

June 1-6: Montreal: Sex Rites Research Lab

June 9-16: Connecticut: Dawn leads ISTA Level 1

June 26-28: Berlin: SSSTaR Workshop

June 29-July 5: Berlin: SSSTaR Temple (rehearsal and ISTA Festival)

July 13-19:  Auschwitz: Dawn joins ISTA leads in healing ritual Love from the Ashes

July 17-26: WV: Christopher & eO co-create New Culture Summer Camp

July 28-August: WV: SSSTaR co-creates Wild Love Harvest Ritual at ISTA Tribal Gathering

Sept 18-20: Delphi: Dawn (and SSSTaR) invited to Wild Love Earth Initiation

Sept 21-27: Israel: SSSTaR Temple invited to Temple Arts Festival


Past Events
2017 Teatro Korazon
  • APRIL 14-JUNE 11: NEW YORK: Featured Artist Val Vigoda stars with Wade McCollum in the show she co-wrote Ernest Shackleton Loves Me
  • APRIL 29: SANTA BARBARA: Korazonics co-creator Lisa Citore's Sexual Mystery School (beginning of 4 weekends over the summer)
  • MAY 6-7: SAN FRANCISCO:  Korazonics co-creator Lisa Citore's Sexual Mystery School (beginning of 4 weekends over the summer)
  • JULY 1-2: AGUEDA, PORTUGAL: Mystérios Antigos Teatro Korazon leads audiences into our shared Eurasian spiritual heritage in a walled garden in Portugal.
  • JULY 15: AVEIRO, PORTUGAL: Mura: Teatro Korazon artists perform in Grotest Maru's giant city spectacle
    • 11-12: Korazonics Training Intensive: "Manifest Your Avatar"
    • 13-14: A.S.K. (Advanced Sexy Korazonics)
    • 15-17: Teatro Korazon Burning Man Rehearsals
  • AUGUST 27-SEPT 4: BURNING MAN @ ATTOL: Teatro Korazon presents The Fore Playexcerpts from Love Sucks!and several featured guest artists and acts over a week of programming in ATTOL's theatre "Aphrodite's Garden"
2018: Moved Teatro Korazon's HQ to Kansas City 
  • JANUARY: KANSAS CITY: Korazonics
  • JULY: PORTLAND: Korazonics sample at Sex Postive Worldwide's Summer Camp
  • JULY: EASTON, NY:  ISTA Level 1
  • SEPTEMBER: LOS ANGELES: Play Your Desire for Sex Positive LA
  • OCTOBER: KELOWNA, BC: ISTA Level 1: Play Your Desire
2019: Founding of SSSTaR Initiative

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