Oct 10: The Voice of My Beloved, KC, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception: Christopher music directs concert of Song of Songs music of the Catholic Reformation. FB Event.

Oct. 16: Authentic Relating & Dating, KC: Starseed Farm: Christopher & Melanie Curtin lead 4th in KC Korazon's Authentic Relating experiences


May 12-19: ISTA Level 1, KC: Camp Gaea: Dawn is lead faculty, Andrea Dennis & Christopher (w/KC Korazon) organizes

Past Events
2017 Teatro Korazon
  • MARCH: DENVER: Korazonics Training Intensive: "Manifest Your Avatar
  • APRIL: LUCIDITY festival (near SANTA BARBARA) Korazonics "Manifest Your Avatar" Intro and The Fore Play
  • APRIL: SANTA BARBARA @ Fishbon: Korazonics Training Intensive: "Manifest Your Avatar"
  • JULY: AGUEDA, PORTUGAL: Agit Agueda Festival: Mystérios Antigos Teatro Korazon leads audiences into our shared Eurasian spiritual heritage in a walled garden in Portugal.
  • JULY: AVEIRO, PORTUGAL: Mura: Teatro Korazon artists perform in Grotest Maru's giant city spectacle
  • AUGUST; DENVER: Korazonics & A.S.K.(Advanced Sexy Korazonics)
  • SEPTEMBER: BURNING MAN @ ATTOL: The Fore Play at The Orgy Dome
2018: Moved Teatro Korazon's HQ to Kansas City 
  • JANUARY: KANSAS CITY: Korazonics
  • JULY: PORTLAND: Korazonics sample at Sex Postive Worldwide's Summer Camp
  • SEPTEMBER: LOS ANGELES: Play Your Desire for Sex Positive LA
  • OCTOBER: KELOWNA, BC: ISTA Level 1: Play Your Desire
2019: Founding of SSSTaR Initiative


: all in person events cancelled. Teatro Korazon and SSSTaR created the online Astral Portal and produced several events there as well as were featured in several online interactive experiences


  • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER: KC: Authentic Relating series of events co-lead by Melanie Curtin and Christopher for KC Korazon

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