Play Your Desire

“Play Your Desire” invites you to write and star in the love scenes of your life!

This participatory "playshop" based upon Teatro Korazon's Korazonics, invites you to take the AUTHOR and ACTOR perspectives on The Wheel of Consent, Betty Martin’s brilliant way to own and communicate your desire and boundaries in relation to others. Since all of us intrinsically know how to embody our eroticism (even when years of shame or repression may be hiding it), it turns out to be surprisingly easy to access your own performative power using these physical theatre exercises and interactive improvisations. The clarity of your intention as AUTHOR and actions as ACTOR, attracts the type of lover(s) and experiences you desire and intensifies the experience, creating abundant energy that heals the soul and body and can be directed to other parts of your life and world.

TO BRING “Play your Desire” to your venue or event, there are two forms available:

  • The (1-2hr) PLAYSHOP can be presented by Christopher in a variety of contexts. It teaches the principles of the Wheel of Consent and then uses fun theatre exercises to enact and project your erotic power.
  • A (3-5hr) full evening program begins with the Playshop, but then morphs organically into a quadraphonic PLAYSCAPE live-mixed by eO. It invites and inspires you to interact with the space, the music, and each other as you feel moved.

If you feel moved to dive deeper into theatrical embodiment and use your erotic power to project energy from the stage, you deepen your study with a daylong Korazonics workshop, taught by Christopher or the full, weekend-long Korazonics co-taught by its creators, Lisa Citore and Christopher.

CREATORS: Christopher and eO have collaborated, as director and music director/composer, on over a  dozen projects since they attended CalArts together in the mid-Nineties, including Situbanda, a Balinese/American gamelan, kecak, and dance theatre piece that performed in Bali and Java; an original rock opera Joe Messiah, and four of Pepe Ozan’s giant opera rituals at Burning Man from ‘98-2002. They reunited for his funeral procession a decade later: The Twilight Voyage of the Ark of Ozan-Ra

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