Mistérios Antigos

CONCEPT & SCRIPT by Christopher Fuelling

MUSIC of Codex Calixtinus, Miles Jay, Cecilia Lasagno, Balinese Kecak, et al 

COMPILED & MUSIC DIRECTED by Miles Jay, Eric Mentzel, Sophia Brumfitt, Minttu Helsten

VIDEO TEASER: https://www.facebook.com/TeatroKorazon/videos/2062706597346724/

Commissioned by the charming Portuguese city of Agueda for the reopening of their lovely walled garden, Mistérios Antigos led the audience upon a visceral journey deep into our ancestral Eurasion spiritual heritage. They followed Mediæval monks into a chapel and then a mysterious woodsprite into a shamanic forest. Crawling through a tunnel, the audience emerged to experience the pastoral steppes until they are beckoned by sirens into the shrouded mists protecting an Avalon-like island of women.

Adaptable to any multi-environment nature space, such as botanical gardens, the first iteration in Agueda, Portugal in July 2017 was commissioned by Paulina Almeida, featured 35 performers from 12 nations, and was directed by Christopher Fuelling and music directed by world music star, Miles Jay, along with renowned Mediæval tenor, Eric Mentzel who created a site-specific version using the Medieval pilgrim’s songs that have been sung for centuries along the Caminho do Santiago that wends through Agueda.

Modules directed by Melinda Cary, Vilja Itkonen, Marije Nie, and Balázs Várnai. Portuguese texts by Dulce Duca and Mariana Matos and Arabic text by Miles Jay. Nuns music provided by Sophia Brumfitt, ancient Finnish incantations by Minttu Hellsten, original music composed by Miles Jay and Cecilia Lasagno. Choreography and costumes by Abby Moon & Melinda Cary.

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