“reintegrating love and sexual energy to loosen the grip of fear.”

Teatro Korazon is a California non-profit arts corporation dedicated to engender a cultural shift to more loving harmonious world. A look back at human evolution, anthropology, and pre-patriarchal archæology and creating performances, techniques, and rituals that will help to heal the ravages of domination, scarcity, and fear-based cultural models and invite a more loving, balance, and harmonious world. This "Theatre of Love" will challenge outmoded models of gender, sexuality, and relationships and explore, envision, create, and model inspiring new possibilities.

Visionary theatre directors from Jerzy Grotowski to Augusto Boal created ensembles of talented and passionate performers to train together intensively, collectively creating fertile new unique, social milieus in which it was possible to discover new ways of being, expressing, and communicating. These type of ensembles and techniques have proven highly effective in creating truly new culture, through moving performance pieces that directly addressed the challenges of the larger society and offered inspiring alternatives. Teatro Korazon will apply this model to vital issues of love and sexuality that have been tragically marginalized and censored in the dominant world cultures, in order to heal past trauma and inspire the desire for a more loving world.

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