BOOK  by Christopher Fuelling

LYRICS by Val Vigoda

MUSIC by Deborah Hurwitz

Teatro Korazon’s marquee production of original music theatre dives right to the sources to explore how we came to the current contentious and unsustainable state of affairs in our world and culture. An outrageous rock opera based upon anthropology, archæology, evolution and contemporary research into the mind, sex, and politics it veers from hilarity to the profoundly provocative. 

Beginning as an ancient shamaness’ bardic invocation questioning our patriarchal creation myths it then confronts the vicious circle of privilege, power, oppression, resistance, and the doubling down on the original exploitations that shaped our cosmology and is manifesting in force today. Hopefully, the vicious resurgence we witness around us is the patriarchy’s last defense before we transcend our outmoded constructs of genders and inequality and transition to a more loving, equal, and harmonious society.


The Prologue will be performed at Teatro Korazon’s Valentine’s Day showcase in Los Angeles in 2017.


in development. Currently open to taking on production companys or co-creating an investment vehicle to begin the long march to Broadway and the world. For information contact


Excerpts workshopped at the workshop performance at Fishbon, in Santa Barbara in 2016. Directed by Christopher Fuelling, music directed by Ben Ginsberg, and featuring works by Melinda Cary and the Shamanic Dolls and Bennett Jones, with Monika Beal, Amy Lawrence, Michelle Barton, David Peterson, Lesley Freeman, Zoltan di Bartolo, Maiza Hixson, and Breanna Sinclaire et al.

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