KORAZONICS is Teatro Korazon's original theater triaining technique designed to harness archetypic and erotic energies and focus their healing impact through the shamanic cycle of envisioning, experience, and performance. Co-created by Lisa Citore and Christopher Fuelling, it provides practical tools to augment your own attributes and rewire your mind and body to enlarge the way you manifest in the world and amplify your storytelling impact. 


The 48-hour intensive (Friday-Sunday evenings) start within, in mental exercises designed to expand your ability to hold opposing ideas and feelings and to face, transform, and transcend your fears. Through physical theatre exercises drawing upon Biomechanics and those designed by Augusto Boal, taught by director Christopher Fuelling, you gain control of your body and awareness of its presence and meaning to the observer. Through (non-transgressive) exercises in the developing field of "Post-patriarchal tantra" and Lisa Citore's own techniques in women's mysteries and healing sexualities, you learn to summon erotic energy and play with and subvert gender roles in performative ways.


The goal of the next series of workshops will be to a journey from within to the world, providing you the tools to manifest your shamanic avatar, building upon your unique traits and the way the can show up in the world and crafting them into the force you want to be.

(For a playful invocation of this principle, this video was created about that phenomenon as it occurs at Burning Man, using the tunes of The Burning Opera: How to Survive the Apocalypse, by Erik Davis, Mark Nichols, and Christopher Fuelling and featuring many Teatro Korazon performers)


This workshop is recommended for professional and trained performers and tantrikas. Whereas everyone will be a beginner at something, generally the training level is high in various skills and vigorous theatre exercises require a moderate level of physical fitness. It is not an "introductory" session. Although there will be no active sexuality, there will be provocative ideas that may be triggering to some. This is for people who desire to face their fears and transcend them for the purpose to moving the hearts of others.


Have you heard the call from your human tribe to assume your shamanic role in helping to understand, heal, and transform our world in these troubled times? To help lead and persuade a critical mass of people to bring about the cultural shif to the harmonious future we so deeply need, you would do well to amplify your shamanic and performance skills with Korazonics Training.

From time immemorial to the extant Siberian nomadic cultures that gave us the word, "shamans" have played crucial roles in helping their tribes adapt to a changing environment. They are noted for their ability to see outside their own cultural mindset and play with roles often considered predetermined and fixed, such as gender and powerful energies, like those summoned in sexuality, healing, and inspiration. And their ultimate role in moving the hearts of individuals and the soul of a society requires they become great performers and storytellers, creating a compelling way of being in the imaginations of their audiences.

As our world is deeply in need of collective shamanic intervention, you would help us all by amplifying your shamanic and performance skills in through many techniques. But we humbly offer Korazonics Training to this effort.

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