It is time to hit the road and let the Magical Mystery tour begin. On Feb 28 Teatro Korazon’s founder, Christopher Fuelling will depart his lovely LA sanctuary and travel with old and new friends in one or more vans and busses to other parts of this world to meet YOU and co-evolve the project. In between performances and Korazonics workshops the tour will be dedicated to researching and writing, meeting new people and learning from them.

A peregrination through places and ideas, Teatro Korazon welcomes your input whether it be an invitation to a festival, a campsite, or dinner; an introduction to fascinating people you believe we should know; or a recommendation about a book or film or idea you think we should experience.

The general intended schedule is as follows:

• March 28: KANSAS CITY

• Feb 28-March 1:  Possible BAY AREA swing

• March 2-14: SANTA BARBARA area (Korazonics workshop at Fishbon on March 3-5 and our designer Alicja Biala has a residency as SBCAST, where she will create a new large scale work.

• March 15-26 LOS ANGELES

• March 28-April 3 DENVER

• April 5-9 LUCIDITY (near Santa Barbara)

• April 10-12 LOS ANGELES

• April 14-20 Christopher in PORTUGAL (Porto & Agueda) and possibly ITALY (Roma & Torino)

• April 2230 Christopher in FRANCE (St. Gengoux: Gregorian Chant recording)

• May-June 10 SEATTLE

• June 12-July 3: AGUEDA, PORTUGAL (for Mysterios Antigos production)

• July 4-9: Possibly NOWHWERE (near Zaragoza) and BARCELONA

• July 12-August 20: ? (LOS ANGELES)

• August 21-Sept 6 BURNING MAN

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