After hosting the successful Workshop/Research Lab in KC in April, Teatro Korazon has an exciting schedule for the next five months. If you want to get involved, follow the link or contact christopher@teatrokorazon.org directly.

June 4-7: OAKLAND: Christopher works with eO & Amanda on the SSSTaR Initiations and Atlantian Immersion.

June 12-16: SAMOTHRAKI: Christopher attends Sexual Shamanic Medicine Bag taught by Dawn & Ohad Ezrahi.

June 17-24: CRETE: Christopher, Dawn, Ohad, Juliette, Silvie, Sabrina, Niru, and Michelle Barton explore pre-patriarchal archeological sites with leading Minoan archæologist, Dr. Sandy MacGilvray, including a Summer Solstice ritual at his dig in Palaikastro, where 3500 yr. old structures are oriented towards the rising solstice sun.

July 14: W.VA: Center for New Culture Summer Camp: Christopher & eO present Play Your Desire.

July 15-24: MONTREAL: SSSTaR Workshop & 2nd Research Lab: Christopher & Dawn teach a SSSTaR workshop with eO and then attend our next research Lab, led by Stéphane Crête. Debuting our beta-test of the SSSTaR Initiation on the 24th.

July 25-30: KARAVAN KORAZON!: eO & Christopher  (and ???) drive from Montreal to W.VA. Open to invitations to present a Play Your Desire

August 1-6: W.VA: ISTA N. American Tribal Gathering: SSSTaR Initiations, Procession, and Immersion Temple

October 2-5: ISRAEL: ISTA Festival: SSSTaR Initiations, Procession, and Shir Ha Shirim Shabbat


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