CONCEPT by Michelle Sargent and Christopher Fuelling

MUSIC of Verdi, Menotti, Prokoviev, Schumann, Wright

ARRANGED by Ross Wright


captivated by this intriguing story as the performers re-enacted the final séance of Harry Houdini on the 10th anniversary of his death based upon the actual 1936 recording... only to then discover what happened when the tape went silent!

AVAILABLE for commercial engagement or for theatrical development. Generally performed in alley or thrust staging around a circular seance table plus a bandstand, it can be configured a variety of ways suitable for 99-300seat theatres and for more intimate performances in grand old mansions. Especially suited for opera companies that want a dynamic engagement of new audiences. Contact info@teatrokorazon.org

AUDITION:  We are open to new acts, performers, and crew:

  • The Acts we are looking for can’t just be awesome or sexy… they should be all that PLUS a TWIST!
  • Our goal is to create a dynamic web of performers and acts that can do paid performances of this show for commercial engagements and free ones at festival and for causes we believe in. We are especially open to performers in LA, Bay Area, Denver, Seattle, and Santa Barbara where we already have a core that makes it easy to perform there… as well as people planning to go to Burning Man and/or Lucidity. ).
  • If you are interested, send a resume and URL to christopher@teatrokorazon.org

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