CREATED by Christopher Fuelling, Lesa Hardy-Bergeaud, and Deborah Hurwitz based upon a character and album by Dezmond Meeks

LYRICS by Dezmond Meeks and Christopher Fuelling 

MUSIC by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Dezmond Meeks

ADDITIONAL MUSIC by Val Vigoda & Brendan Milburn, Deborah Hurwitz, Lesa Hardy Bergeaud


This “Fairy Tale Rock Opera” is a deep story for all who have felt the didn’t fit in wherever you come from, and the journey to find love. Based upon an original character by Dezmond Meeks mashed up with the music and initations of Mozart’s The Magic Flute, tale of follows the journey of a gay youth fleeing his intolerant and hyperhetero Evil Step Brothers through tests and perils, until they all learn a way to accept and love one another and themselves.




In active development for commercial music theatre.

Available for theatres or dance clubs with theatrical capabilities.


First production at The Alchemy in 2015 directed by Christopher Fuelling, Music directed by Deborah Hurwitz, Choreographed by Jennifer Hamilton and featuring Dezmond Meeks, T.C.Carson, Lesa  Hardy-Bergeaud, Val Vigoda, Deborah Hurwitz, Phoebe Jevtovic Alexander, Jennifer Hamilton, Melinda Cary, Olivia Fox, Christopher Fuelling, Matthew Acuff, Oumi Kapila et al.

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