First Year Gratitudes and Invitations!

Dearest Korazonians:

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who made possible the first year launch of Teatro Korazon, from our first workshop in November 2016 at Fishbon through the debut last Valentine’s Day at the Alchemy; to the wonderful Korazonics workshops with Lisa Citore; Lucidity; the Orgy Dome; and the beautiful Mistérios Antigos we did in Portugal… (as well as for the many precursor projects over the years at The Alchemy, in Europe, and at Burning Man)…and now to all of the amazing artists I’m meeting as I have moved into a beautiful new headquarters in Kansas City, MO.
        As you know, in the aftermath of my Beloved Kora’s passing in February 2016, it was not certain to me at the time that I would be amongst you today, let alone writing to you about the successful launch of Teatro Korazon.  But in it I have truly found a life mission: to channel knowledge, compassion, and consciousness to do my small part to invoke and co-create a more loving, harmonious, POST-patriarchal world. It is a mission that becomes daily more relevant at this moment in our species survival.
         So I have heart-aching levels of gratitude to each of you for your gifts of your talent, time, wisdom, resources, and kindness and I invite any of you who are so inspired to join with me in whatever way inspires you.
Thank you,
Christopher Fuelling
Teatro Korazon
PS: Ways to stay connected and co-create, if you feel so inspired:
  • Like our page on FB and share it with kindred souls…then you’ll know exactly how up to date things are in Kansas City!
  • Come visit or co-create with me in KC! I am living in the top floor of a lovely mansion from 1897 (the bottom floors of which are rented on VRBO on weekends but) we do cultural activities during the midweeks, including a Second Tuesday’s Salon featuring guest artists and backed up by a jazz band… and are open to your ideas. I always have guest rooms for you available (including The KoraZone) on the top floor, which also has an office and a large dancefloor/workshop space… so come on down if you want a nice little retreat to write on your own project or train or work on a project with me. (There is no money involved, but you get a lovely room and cooked for by me and my brilliant, young, chef roommate, Andrew.)
  • Take a Korazonics workshop, there is one upcoming on Feb 10-11 in our mansion in KC and Lisa and I hope to do ones in Portland, OR and Malibu (LA) sometime in the spring… or tell your friends to and/or help us organize one in your city.
  • Join the Korazon Research Group on FB, especially if you are interested in the areas of gender, sexuality, paleoanthropology, and evolutionary psychology. We are firing this back up to be a central hub of the vital information that animates Teatro Korazon.
  • If you want to be on our website as one of our Guest Artists (performers) or Featured Artists (usually implying that you have co-created one of our shows as a writer, composer, or music director) please send me a color photo and a brief bio.  (we are updating our website now… and there are many missing bios/photos already)
  • Help us sell one of our shows (and then I can hire YOU!): Love Sucks!, The Fore Play, Mistérios Antigos, Song of Songs, Film Noir Murder Mystery, Houdini’s Last Seance, and Cinderfella  are all available for performance or workshopping. Creating good promotional materials to assist this is one of Teatro Korazon’s top priorities now. (Happy to provide details of possibilities and requirements).
  • Donate or invite a friend hoping to get in on 2017’s waning days of higher deductibles for charity before the Trumpian tax scam goes into effect) to our non-profit) via paypal or squarecash at
  • Just give me a call or skype and tell me how you are doing. I would love to hear from you and see if there is some way I can express MY gratitude to you (as well as to compersively delight in your success and happiness!) via synergizing YOUR dreams and mission with Teatro Korazon’s. (415) 666-5613

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